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Day 25 – First Quarter Report

This is my spontanous first quarter report. I decided to write in english, so I cannot get too fast in my spontanity…

After 25 days I feel the „warm up phase“ is getting to an end:

  • we have established first rituals in our working session: starting the session by collecting questions/themes, that are in that moment present or of importance for each participant personally/concerning corporations/concerning choreography and finishing the session with a anonymous value estimation of each participant
  • we have designed a  Corporate Choreography „Sitzordnung“ for meetings: having chairs facing outwards from a table (you should definitely try this in one of your next meetings and let us know, what you experienced!)
  • we have set up the blog and connected totally 28 participants and over 60 people interested in the project via mailinglists with a wide variety of professional backgrounds (from finance to Alexander technique, from organization psychology to stage design)
  • after the kick-off (which was before the countdown of 100 days) we have worked in 2 short sessions on weekdays and one intensive weekend with 3-7 participants each
  • we have established a routine in people joining and leaving whenever they feel like it
  • I have found a more precise definition of choreography as the design of the perception of movement and time and space
  • the estimated value of the project is 106’187 CHF
    the estimated value of the participants contributions is 10’451 CHF
    (including the kick-off meeting and not being able to count „wertvoll“ and „kostbar“)

and according to my choreographic process the next phase would be the  „research phase“ with a next working session on Wednesday February 20th

I think now, it’s a perfect moment for a little family holiday and keep next week  „session free“ !

Thanks to you all for your curiosity, interest, support, contribution and participation!