(How) Can you Choreograph a Company?

Within 100 days, we create an „ideal“ company by using choreography.

Such a Company seems utopian.
Yet, as a work of art it could become real.

Curiosity and the interest in the future of corporations and/or choreography are the basic assets to participate in  and contribute to this project.We are striving for making it possible for non-german speakers to also be part of this project. Please find some basic informations below and here. You’re welcome to ask for more by contacting us and to contribute to the Blog in your language.

The Approach
The foundation and leadership of an ideal company, its structures, processes and implicit values will be created in a choreographic process. While the choreography is being developed together with all participants, the artistic process will be continuously reflected in the entrepreneurial context. The
form of the final presentation will emerge through this working process.

The Timeline
Start – Kick-off January 11th/12th/13th 2013 (exact dates/time schedules to be communicated)
End – Final Presentation April 23rd/24th 2013 Main Venue Hall of ZHdK
100 days, within 14 weeks. During the kick-off you will get information about the project and a first idea of the choreographic approach. We will discuss questions, get to know each other, experience working together and find out the needs and possibilities for further working sessions. After the kickoff, there will be weekly sessions as well as several intensive working periods during the weekends.
One of the challenges of the project will be that participants will be able to contribute differing amounts of time, and therefore the formation of the project team might vary in the course of time.

Katrin Kolo is a choreographer and business consultant and conducts the project as her practice-based Masterthesis in Transdisciplinarity at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK).


Concept and direction:
Katrin Kolo received her dance education in private schools in Munich and Ballettakademien Stockholm and her Master degree in Economics from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universtity in Munich. Currently she studies in the Master program in Transdisciplinarity (M.A.) at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK).
As Dancer/Choreographer she worked mainly in the field of opera and led projects with non-professionals. Beside her artistic work she has experience as a consultant for various management consulting companies in the cultural and services sector (a.o. culturplan and perot systems). She was Head of Administration and Marketing during the foundation of the Dortmund Concert Hall, managed the choreographer and director Joachim Schlömer and from 2007-2011 was Co-director of Tanzhaus Zürich.
In 2002 Katrin Kolo started the initiative “transition for dancers” to help dance practitioners find and build up a new professional identity after or beside their dance career and since 2011 runs workshops in collaboration with Stiftung Tanz – Transition Center Germany.
Since 2005 she investigates innovative relationships between art and economy and founded her own company arts-in-business. She internationally holds lectures, teaches and facilitates workshops (a.o. IETM Zurich, Universidade Nova Lisbon, University of Media and Communication Munich, Technical University Dortmund Symposium „Art supports Economy“).
In collaboration with the Bronnbacher Scholarship Program in Mannheim she developed a pilot for her current project „Unternehmenschoreographie – Corporate Choreography“.
Katrin Kolo lives in Zurich.

Assistant for documentation and communication:
Sara Lisa Schäubli studies Journalism and Organisational Communication at the Zurich University of applied Science (ZHaW). She has previous experience in working in communication departments of various corporations and was Chief Editor for the online youth magazine tink.ch.

Konstantin Adamopoulos has been responsible curator of the Bronnbacher scholarship programme for the cultural sphere of the German federal association for economics at Mannheim University since May 2005. Adamopoulos is a certified coach.
As a freelance arts journalist, exhibition organizer and project director he has been the assistant manager of Documenta and has headed the public relations department for the Frankfurt exhibitions hall Portikus, among other things. He has also organized different events with the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt am Main and has since then led companies and artists in constructive conflicts.
The philosopher and art historian has been a teacher at various universities. As artistic director for workshops and symposiums he has developed “The economy of art“ (Dresden 2003), „The term of ‚capital‘ demands intuition“ (Museum Ludwig, Cologne 2005) and „Guidance systems into the new?“ (Dresden 2006).
Konstantin Adamopoulos regularly publishes on the topic of business and art. He lives in Cologne.

Everyone, who collaborates with the project in any form, through participation in the choreographic working sessions or contributions to the communication, documentation and realization of the project via blogging, mailing, crowdfunding or the attendance at the final presentation.

2 Antworten zu “English

  1. Fantastic project ! My class (about 60 students in arts management) and my partners in art institutions (about 8 of them based in Reims, France) would love to practice ! I believe it would make collective work more easy !

  2. Hello Katrin,
    I would like to see a video of the final piece. And of course your final comments…
    Emilie Reinhold, Paris

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