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Momentaner Stand der Wert-Schätzung

Für Projekt:               108’467 CHF
Für Eigenbeitrag:        11’740 CHF
Differenz:                    95’386 CHF

Geschützt: Video Semesterpräsentation vom 17. Januar

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Geschützt: Diskussion in der neuen Sitzordnung

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Momentaner Stand der Wert-Schätzung

Für Projekt: 106’287 CHF
Für Eigenbeitrag: 10’601 CHF
Differenz: 95’386 CHF

Projekt auf wertschätzen.

Vertrauen – Trust

Trust seems to me an important topic in this project. Right in the beginning one of the participants wrote that for him choreography is the trust building component in this project, which will finally design a corporation in which we trust.
Last weekend I had a long and extremely interesting conversation with Bill Forsythe. We also came across trust at one point, talking about banks, who need people’s trust more to create value than they need money. We also talked about money representing unhappiness as it is at the end of the line often earned on someone’s misery. This also reminded me of one of the working sessions when someone stated money is exhausting and stressful.

I finally did some research on trust. It is accepted the main ingredient for transactions to happen between people (apart from the will or need to do a transaction at all), thus the most basic input to our economic system. The more trust on both sides of the transaction parties, the less transaction costs. If we assume that one of the reasons for corporations to exist, is the reduction of transaction costs, we might as well say, the reason for corporations to be founded is to increase trust. Thus the idea of working with choreography, which has presumably the competence as a trust building method, structure or concept to found and lead a corporation, seems the most natural thing to do.

There is obviously also a physical relation between the trust building hormone Oxytocin and dance, which I am about to investigate further.

Trust is a form of social capital.

Game theory has long shown, that we would benefit more, if we collaborate with and/or trust one another rather than following the rational homo oeconomicus in ourselves (e.g. prisoners’ dilemma).

Economically the optimum trust level is considered to be the one, where it is equal for all parties involved. Thus, not a “more” and “higher” than others is to be aimed for, but equality which may be raised together to a higher level, is the way to benefit in trust.

Bringing these statements and thoughts together to form an answer on the still open question, what kind of corporation we should choreograph, my spontaneous answer today would be: A BANK,
a bank of trust, whose aim is not to increase the value of money by using trust, but to value and elevate trust itself.

Day 25 – First Quarter Report

This is my spontanous first quarter report. I decided to write in english, so I cannot get too fast in my spontanity…

After 25 days I feel the „warm up phase“ is getting to an end:

  • we have established first rituals in our working session: starting the session by collecting questions/themes, that are in that moment present or of importance for each participant personally/concerning corporations/concerning choreography and finishing the session with a anonymous value estimation of each participant
  • we have designed a  Corporate Choreography „Sitzordnung“ for meetings: having chairs facing outwards from a table (you should definitely try this in one of your next meetings and let us know, what you experienced!)
  • we have set up the blog and connected totally 28 participants and over 60 people interested in the project via mailinglists with a wide variety of professional backgrounds (from finance to Alexander technique, from organization psychology to stage design)
  • after the kick-off (which was before the countdown of 100 days) we have worked in 2 short sessions on weekdays and one intensive weekend with 3-7 participants each
  • we have established a routine in people joining and leaving whenever they feel like it
  • I have found a more precise definition of choreography as the design of the perception of movement and time and space
  • the estimated value of the project is 106’187 CHF
    the estimated value of the participants contributions is 10’451 CHF
    (including the kick-off meeting and not being able to count „wertvoll“ and „kostbar“)

and according to my choreographic process the next phase would be the  „research phase“ with a next working session on Wednesday February 20th

I think now, it’s a perfect moment for a little family holiday and keep next week  „session free“ !

Thanks to you all for your curiosity, interest, support, contribution and participation!


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Die Gründung und Führung eines Unternehmens, damit einhergehende Strukturen, Abläufe und darin implizierte Wertesysteme werden in einem choreographischen Prozess erarbeitet. Es wird eine Choreographie entwickelt, wobei der künstlerische Prozess fortlaufend am unternehmerischen Kontext reflektiert wird. Die Form der Ergebnispräsentation entwickelt sich aus diesem Prozess.

Das „ideale“ Unternehmen?

(Wie) Lässt sich ein Unternehmen choreographieren?

Die Idee:
Wir erschaffen choreographisch ein „ideales“ Unternehmen in 100 Tagen.

Das „ideale“ Unternehmen?

  • das alle aufnehmen kann, die sich einbringen und dabei sein wollen
  • in dem alle so viel arbeiten, wie sie jeweils aktuell gerade wollen bzw. können
  • in dem alle (möglichst viel von dem) einbringen können, was sie jeweils aktuell möchten
  • in dem sich alle individuell gefördert, akzeptiert und willkommen fühlen
  • in dem alle eine (individuell) faire Gegenleistung zu dem erhalten, was sie jeweils einbringen
  • das mit seinen Produkten/Leistungen positiv und nachhaltig zur Gesellschaft beiträgt

Ein solches Unternehmen scheint utopisch.
Als Kunstwerk könnte es jedoch real werden.

Wenn allerdings ein choreographisches Werk geschaffen werden kann, das ein solches Unternehmen modelliert, kann dann nicht auch ein solches Unternehmen real geschaffen werden? Was wird dieses dann der Gesellschaft anbieten können?